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6x0.33l MOSAIC; €0.53 per 100ml
6x0.33l ALBA; €0.58 per 100ml
6x0.33l AURUM; €0.63 per 100ml
6x0.33l POLAR; €0.68 per 100ml
6x0.33l BURTON; €0.81 per 100ml
All prices plus €0.50 deposit / Sixpack.


0.5l Brau Haus GIN; €3.00 per 100ml (no deposit)
0.33l MOSAIC; €0.55 per 100ml
0.33l ALBA; €0.59 per 100ml
0.33l AURUM; €0.64 per 100ml
0.33l POLAR; €0.70 per 100ml
0.33l BURTON; €0.82 per 100ml
All prices plus €0.08 deposit / Bottle.

Sixpack Special

6x0.33l , 1xMOSAIC, 1xALBA, 2xAURUM, 1xPOLAR, 1xBURTON; €0.66 per 100ml
6x0.33l , 3xMOSAIC, 3xALBA; €0.55 per 100ml
6x0.33l , 3xPOLAR, 3xBURTON; €0.73 per 100ml
All prices plus €0.50 deposit / Sixpack Special.

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