Braufuchs' Varieties


    Style: Session India Pale Ale

    Alcohol Content: 4.8% vol

    Original Graivity: 10.5%

    Colour: Gold (approx. 9 SRM)

    Bitterness: Mittel

    The soft bitterness and the slim, round malt body of MOSAIC whet the appetite with every sip. A refreshingly light Session India Pale Ale with the unmistakable peach notes of the hops of the same name, which quenches the thirst and boosts good mood.

  • ALBA

    Style: Wheat India Pale Ale

    Alcohol Content: 5.2% vol

    Original Graivity: 11.5%

    Colour: Light Gold (approx. 8SRM)

    Bitterness: High

    ALBA's tangy freshness, paired with hop aromas of citrus fruits, fresh herbs and menthol render this Wheat India Pale Ale a perfect companion for a barbecue afternoon, good food, and sports-lovers. Its decent share of wheat malt makes for a soft mouthfeel and smooth aftertaste. With its full, balanced maltiness, ALBA is an exceptionally ‘drinkable’ beer.


    Style: India Pale Ale

    Alcohol Content: 6.5% vol

    Original Graivity: 13.5%

    Colour: Gold - Bernstein (approx. 10SRM)

    Bitterness: Medium to high

    AURUM, the elegant flagship of the Braufuchs range is a complete drink in all respects with a gamut of stimuli for the senses. Vigorous malt tastes and full mouthfeel make its considerable bitterness a palate. Carefully arranged hop aromas unfold a broad spectrum of floral, fruity and earthy-spicy notes. AURUM changes stylistically between American and English India Pale Ale. Unlike typical representatives of the American beer style, it avoids caramel malt as flavor enhancer. Complex without being complicated, AURUM< is a reward for the beer lover on every occasion.


    Style: Dark Ale

    Alcohol Content: 7.5% vol

    Original Graivity: 15.5%

    Colour: But Brown (approx. 18SRM)

    Bitterness: Medium to high

    The golden brown luster of the Dark Ale POLAR promises a rich taste experience. Nutty malt aromas, powerful mouthfeel and a soft finish deliver in this promise. And yet, notes of menthol and its considerable bitterness yield to POLAR a surprising freshness. Excellently drinkable with a dessert or a hearty main course, this strong beer is a joy on every occasion.


    Style: Strong Ale

    Alcohol Content: 9.5% vol

    Original Graivity: 19.5%

    Colour: Gold - Amber (approx. 11SRM)

    Bitterness: Very high

    BURTON is brewed in accordance with the historical paragon of the English India Pale Ales of the 18th century from Burton-on-Trent. This Strong Ale is bursting with power in every respect. Intense maltiness and a demanding bitterness are borne by the significant alcohol content, resulting in a round mouthfeel. The earthy-nutty hop aromas of the English varieties East Kent Goldings and Fuggles complete the taste of the BURTON to a harmonious whole.

About Braufuchs

Braufuchs Brews For Everyone

Beers for every taste originate in our regional small brewery. CERVISIAE OMNIBUS – Beers for everyone is our motto. Every beer lover will find something appealing in our select range. Our aromatic, hoppy beers range from crisp to fruity, from smooth to bold, from mild to strong. Each one whets the appetite for more. All original creations, brewed artisanally with care.


The beers of Braufuchs were born in Frankfurt and are brewed in the region. Our permanent assortment consists of five selected beers with carefully conceived formulations. Our range is complemented by seasonal and limited beer editions. Selected ingredients infuse our beers with multifaceted tastes and aromas. From the preparation of the brewing water over best quality malt to hops from all over the world, and specialty yeasts, we use only premium, natural raw materials. Bottle conditioned and poured clear or hazy with yeast - Braufuchs' beers give pleasure to the savourer on every occasion and in every season.

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Wir share our joy in beer!

Braufuchs' events turn beer, its production and culinary pleasures into an inspiring experience. All our events are announced currently and in advance, and can be booked individually or as a group. We'll love to enrich your own event - private, with your company, or club - with our offering, just as you like.


Braufuchs' CERVISINARIUM is all about the sensuous delight of beer and culinary delicacy. Here, beer and culture of indulgence are celebrated, while guests witness the brewing of a beer. Along this, our culinary partners serve congenially selected and specifically prepared treats. Guests learn interesting and entertaining facts and stories from the world of beer: About its history, beer styles, tastes and aromas, and the production of the hop potion. The CERVISINARIUM is an event with lots of stories to be told about.


For the thirsty for knowledge our HOME BREW DAY is just right. During this event and seminar You can learn all the basics of brewing Your own beer at home with realistic equipment, from crushing the malt to pitching the yeast into the fermentor. You produce your own beer and learn the essentials of ingredients, the brewing process, beer history and beer styles with their manifold qualitites. For sensuous enjoyment and creature comfort, tastings of selected beers are held and matching food are served. Tasting your own brew after fermentation and maturation completes the adventure Home Brew Day.